SILATHERM®: Improved thermal conductivity of polymers

The requirements for new and innovative plastics rise continuously. In this, heat-conductive plastics will play an increasingly larger and more important role in the future, because their use creates a number of not insignificant advantages. Apart from the benefits of lightweight construction the use of plastic offers the possibility to manufacture complex geometries by injection moulding quickly and cost efficiently.

Through the addition of special fillers having a high intrinsic thermal conductivity the thermal conductivity of plastic materials can be significantly increased. With the product family SILATHERM® an effective solution based on mineral fillers for improving the thermal conductivity has been developed. At the same time these fillers have an insulating effect against electric current and improve the mechanical strength.




SILATHERM® 1466 SILATHERM® Advance 1438
alumino silicate zink oxide
• hardness 5 (Mohs)
• density 3.6 g/cm3
• chemically inert
• blocky-needled particles
• heat-resistant
• hardness 4 (Mohs)
• density 5.6 g/cm3
• chemically inert
• high brightness
• heat-resistant


SILATHERM® Advance impresses by its whiteness. A distinction is made between the natural color, the density and hardness of the mineral. Furthermore, various grain sizes and mixtures can be prepared. A much better homogenization is achieved with all types by a surface treatment specially adapted to the polymer. This leads to even better mechanical properties and even higher thermal conductivities.


SILATHERM® Plus the logical development

For example in automotives the number of E&E applications in terms of automation and linking is steadily increasing. But also the field of alternative power drives poses potential for heat conductive plastics. The issue of heat generation and their effective conduction is a major challenge in many of these applications. Through the smart combination of plastics and fillers technically and economically viable alternatives to metal solutions can be developed.

SILATHERM® Plus is a range of thermally conductive fillers with optimized packing density. Very high filling degrees are combined with excellent flow properties. SILATHERM® Plus is particularly suitable for applications where electrical insulation is associated with higher thermal conductivity.


Advantages of SILATHERM® Plus in epoxy resins:

  • thermal conductivity higher than 4 W/mK
  • increased filling degree
  • low viscosity
  • good mechanical properties


Key applications of the SILATHERM® family

  • thermally conductive thermoplastic compounds
  • thermally conductive epoxy resin composites
  • electrical components with high energy density
  • light emitting diodes, sensors
  • micro processors, EMC, CCL


High Performance Fillers for thermally conductive plastics:

A state-of-the-art production plant with the latest technology and the highest safety and sustainability requirements was built in Dangjin City. The wholly owned subsidiary HPF Minerals Tech Ltd. was founded for this purpose. Ultra-modern aggregates for processing mineral raw materials are available in different sizes. Minerals can be crushed and surface modified from the millimetre to the few hundred nanometre range. The new plant goes into operation in the first quarter of 2021 in order to meet the growing demand for innovative filler solutions.