Product Overview

Our High Performance Fillers make a valuable contribution in various applications every day. Not only in their original fields of application, in the glass, paper, foundry, ceramics and building chemicals industry, but also in polymer systems like plastics and elastomers, paints and lacquers as well as adhesives, the produced fillers are indispensable.

Our products and services provide the foundation for the quality of the finished products manufactured by our customers. Please discover our High Performance Fillers based on different minerals with the following trade names:


MILLISIL®, silica flour
SIKRON®, silica fine flour
SILBOND®, surface treated silica flour
SILMIKRON®, ultra fine silica flour
Weisser Quarz, white silica
Coloritquarz, colored silica


TREMIN® 283, surface treated, short-needled
TREMIN® 939, surface treated, long-needled


SIKRON®, cristobalite fine flour
SILBOND®, surface treated cristobalite flour
SILMIKRON®, ultra fine cristobalite flour

Fused Silica

AMOSIL®, fused silica flour
SILBOND®, surface treated fused silica flour
BRUCAFIL®, special fused silica
SILMIKRON®, ultra fine fused silica flour


Chinafill 100
Chinafill 200
Chinafill 800
Chinafill 830


MICA, mica flour
TREMICA®, surface treated mica
TREFIL® 1232, surface treated phlogopite


MICROSPAR®, feldspar flour
TREMINEX®, nepheline syenite, surface treated


TREFIL® 1313 anhydrite flour

Thermally conductive fillers

SILATHERM® Plus 1432
SILATHERM® Plus 1443

White fused alumina

SEPASIL® EK, surface treated

Aluminium hydroxide

HYDRAFIL®, surface treated

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