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HPF Minerals – your partner for polymer applications

Polymers are used in many areas of our everyday life. The use of our raw materials is extremely versatile and ranges from the additive to the High Performance Filler. HPF Minerals is the ideal partner of the industry, particularly due to the constant high quality of our products. Our innovative strength as well as continuous research and development of new processes for the refinement of different minerals is an important aspect of our activities. Please contact us and benefit from an experienced and innovative partner. 

We are sure to find the best mineral solution for your polymer application.



After more than 130 years, for the future we are firmly set on continuing to manage the Quarzwerke Group as a family company, since we are convinced that the long-term orientation provided by this is a particular strength, from which our customers, partners and personnel all profit.


For this reason, the scope and speed of our development and our readiness for risk will also be led in future by managerial prudence and financial soundness.


Our foundation 

As a traditional company, it is important to us to define precisely the objectives of our actions and the means to achieve them. We see this as a clear commitment to an entrepreneurial continuity that we are proud of and which we want to carry further into the future.

  • Customer Satisfaction

We want to be a competent partner for our customers and seek long-term cooperation with them.

  • Personnel

We want qualified, innovative and responsible personnel, who are satisfied in their word and contribute to the companies success.

  • Sustainability

We want to be a responsible player within our social environment. By means of sustainable development, we seek to assure a lasting foundation for our business, while minimising effects upon the natural environment. Environmental and health protection are given high priority.

  • Long-Termin Orientation

We seek to achieve company results that will assure our independence, and use these in an appropriate manner to provide maintained value, growth and dividends. 2

Top-Performance through the use of High Performance Fillers

The special properties of our High Performance Fillers also recommend their use in industrial paints. There are many proven factors here, such as high surface hardness, the possibility of low-cost formulation and the improvement of the chalk resistance. Outstanding weather resistance of industrial coatings with our High Performance Fillers provide excellent corrosion protection.


Effective corrosion protection with TREMIN® and MICA

The established corrosion protection pigment zinc phosphate was classified as an environmentally hazardous substance in 2004. Since then, attempts have been made to formulate epoxy corrosion protection coatings with alternative anticorrosive pigments. The best results in an aqueous 2K epoxy single layer varnish have been achieved with a combination of the silanized, blocky TREMIN® 283-600 AST and platelet-shaped MICA. In EP single-layer lacquer systems, the filler combination leads to a clear reduction of functional pigments or its total elimination. In addition, the corrosion protection properties are improved, proven by the salt spray test as well as the condensation water test.


Functional filler TREFIL® 1313-600 for 2K- PU High Solids

High Solid systems are an excellent option for VOC-compliant paints. Against the background of the VOC directive the maximum limit value of the volatile organic compounds content for such topcoats is 300 g / l. TREFIL® 1313-600 based on a natural calcium sulphate (anhydrite) and the silanized version enable to formulate more efficiently with good optical, mechanical and anti-corrosive properties, thereby reducing the VOC content.
Compared to the commonly used synthetic barium sulphate the use of TREFIL® 1313-600 EST/2 in a 2K-PU High Solid topcoats results in the following improvements:

  • noticeable reduction of the volatile organic compounds
  • superior surfaces through reduced viscosity
  • highest gloss and lowest haze
  • excellent adhesion
  • reduction of blistering after 1000 h condensation water test
  • enhanced anti-corrosion
  • increased yield



Mineral fillers for powder coatings based on polyester resin

The market for weather-resistant powder coatings on a polyester resin basis is gaining increasing importance, because they have particularly good UV and chalk resistances.
Polyester coating powders create matte to high-gloss surfaces. They provide good mechanical properties and resistances, being weather resistant and chalk resistant and therefore well suited for outdoor applications.

The following advantages are achieved by using High Performance Fillers in comparison to the original recipe with TiO2:

  • Better or comparable mechanical properties
  • Further improvement of the mechanical properties due to the aminosilane surface coating
  • Better or comparable results in the salt spray test and condensation test on steel
  • Higher yield, thus more cost-effective formulating
  • Excellent incorporability into the formulation


Innovative filler concepts for offshore rotor blades

Offshore rotor blades for wind turbines are built to withstand 20 years of operation without interference. Wind velocities of up to 500 km/h act on the blade tips. This area is also one of the weak points of the rotor blade. In addition, extreme weather effects like salt water and rain take their toll on the huge wings.

By using High Performance fillers in the coatings systems the resistance against rain erosion can be increased. The resistance can be further improved by an especially adapted surface treatment of the functional fillers.

  • The resistance of rotor blade coatings to rain erosion is distinctly increased by using TREMIN® and SIKRON® in the pore filler.
  • Surface treatment of the High Performance Fillers increases the resistance yet again.
  • The best resistance is achieved by using surface treated MICROSPAR® feldspar


Take advantage of the unique features of our High Performance Fillers and talk to us about your requirements. It is worth it!

The filler decides about gloss or matting effects

In the field of wood coatings, parquet lacquers and laminates, many of our raw materials fulfill an important role as a High Performance Filler. They show a transparent behavior also in clear lacquer systems and offer the possibility of high filling levels without blooming. Furthermore, our fillers allow the adjustability of the gloss and guarantee a high surface hardness. The advantages of the coating filled with our High Performance Fillers are supplemented by improved abrasion and scratch resistance as well as good dispersibility.



Functional Fillers for wood coatings, parquet laquers and laminates

  • show good transparent performance in clear coats
  • offer the possibility of a high filling degree without blooming
  • give the opportunity to adjust the gloss individually
  • cause high surface hardness
  • improve abrasion and scratch resistance
  • show a good dispersibility

Most micronized fillers are not suitable for the use in transparent coatings. To increase the scratch resistance and abundance of coatings, however the following High Performance Fillers, showing an ideal optical behavior, can be used:

  • SEPASIL® EK (white fused alumina) und TREMINEX® (nephelin syenite) for clear lacquer systems
  • SEPASIL® EK for melamine resins
  • TREFIL® 1313-600 (anhydrite) for UV- and scratch resistant clear varnishes


Only with hard fillers a high scratch resistance can be achieved


Please talk to us about the use of our fillers in your requirement and benefit from our high quality raw materials. Our specialists for High Performance Fillers will gladly answer your questions and submit a non-binding offer. It is worth it!

By using our high-quality mineral fillers it is possible to have a targeted influence on technical parameters, such as gloss, covering power and cracking.


Interior Paint

Highest covering power with Chinafill 830
Kaolin has an extreme platelet structure. The individual thin sheets are hexagonal and soft. In addition, kaolin is distinguished by a high brightness. The very even pigment distribution leads to a high covering power of the kaolin-filled dispersion paints. The use of kaolins increases the covering power significantly as compared to the inital formulation with calcium carbonate.



Adjustment of matting effects by using silicate fillers

Matting of colors is achieved by roughening in the micro-range. This causes the incident light not to be directed, but rather to be diffusely reflected or scattered.

  • The silicate fillers have a strong matting effect, which can be controlled by way of the amount added.
  • The matting depends on the raw material and the fineness.


Exterior Paint

Excellent crack bridging
Dispersion paints tend to become more cracked, starting from a certain layer thickness. However, for facade paints, a crack-freeness of up to 900 μm layer thickness must be guaranteed. For some time, platelet-shaped fillers have been used for better crack bridging.
A filler combination of silica powder SIKRON® and long-needled wollastonite TREMIN® 939-100 USST does not exhibit any crack formation until over 1200 μm.


  • The incorporation into the dispersion is optimized by the special surface-treatment of the wollastonite.
  • A combination with feldspar also has an equally good crack bridging effect.
  • Feldspar in combination with long-needled wollastonite TREMIN® 939-100 USST exhibits even better crack bridging properties than with lamellar MICA.